The PSP can also record, but you need a MS Stick PRO. I have a MS stick to SD card converter.
I wonder if we can hack that "PRO" detection.

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I am seeking a new place to move in...
Do you have any tips to find an apartment in Tokyo/Kanagawa for long term?

Most of my colleagues recommended me using UR rental.
Urban Renaissance (οΌ΅οΌ²ιƒ½εΈ‚ζ©Ÿζ§‹).
It seems also recommend by lot of redditors.


Hmm if I use Mullvad with Wireguard on my machine, as it change the default route by adding another route table, it works also on my libvirt bridge, but after a while, HTTPS connections does not works in the bridge. Weird. HTTP OK...

Also one seg is 320x240.
Which is fine for the 480x272 of the PSP screen.

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Spent a few hours coding on my PinePhone today. It's really quite nice :)

I used neovim over ssh to my desktop, and firefox over waypipe to my desktop. I could probably have done both on the pinephone, but I already had things like saved logins on firefox and the code on my pc.

Another interesting thing is I installed virt-manager on my pinephone, and set up my pc as the remote backend over ssh. Makes it really easy to create and access virtual machines remotely. Just gotta set up a VPN and then I can do this anywhere!

#pinephone #gnu #linux

Suddenly my Mastodon instance is not retrieving pictures from other instances...

Something I noticed at New Chitose Airport but not in Tokyo airport.
The ground staff bow and wave at the plane departing after it was pulled back.

I find it super cool.

Received but as feared I don't get a signal inside my apartment (despite thin walls).

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