If you live in Japan and have a TV. Do you pay the NHK fee?

馃帀 The first release candidate of #Mastodon 3.4.0 is out for testing:


Read the changelog at the link above! If you want to help ensure translations in your language are up to date, you can do so here:


Interesting service, you ship them a drive and you have a KVM VM with your drive attached as passthrough.

If you live in Japan and have a TV. Do you pay the NHK fee?

Moved my services to a Vultr VM in LAX until I move to new place. (Don't know if Internet will be reliable).

How people can manage to finish WaniKani in one year is beyond me.
I guess some people are really good at memorizing kanjis?

GitHub - gravitl/netmaker: Netmaker makes networks. Netmaker makes networking easy, fast, and secure across all environments.

Seems like videos of people opening pokemon cards are again trending in America/Canada/France...

And they generate an insane amount of views.

Who use Exim anyway? Never understood why this is the default MTA of Debian...

When you pay by credit card on Japan highway, the label you see on your account is: JH UNAUTHORIZED USE DE

WTF ... Mozilla had always running JavaScript inside PDFs disabled by default.

But now with FF 88 this option is ENABLED by default. Which means, if a PDF file contains JS it will run without any user interaction. What can possibly go wrong?

To disable this:

pdfjs.enableScripting --> false

# FF 78.10 ESR doesn't include this option and still blocks JS in PDFs by default. Just tested.

Going to sapporo with Air Do for the first time. (Cheap tickets for some strange reason, otherwise super expensive).

Ok I received the password by post mail... In the meantime I discovered that I can connect by scanning a QR code on the smartphone banking app...

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