And now my notifications bar is broken... Many apps don't display notifications anymore even some system app like Play Store.

Since last OnePlus6 update I always have this warning... Which is a false alert. :(

Ema (硡馬, lit. "picture-horse") are small wooden plaques... -> Wikipedia

Homemade Curry. Aka microwaved rice and Curry sauce in bain marie. πŸ˜…

I received the form for having a my number card. (γƒžγ‚€γƒŠγƒ³γƒγƒΌ). But this time no English documentation, just a phone number to call for help. εŠ©γ‘γ¦γγ γ γ„γ€‚


KDE's Plasma 5.17 just landed! Check out the new smart notification system, improved and expanded System Settings, increased usability and gestures and much more!

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