Rakuten Group has 175 companies. Of course I don't know all... That's a lot :o

Is there an app like etherpad but for smartphone? Android AND iOS.

(etherpad is not usable on mobile... Need good mobile UI).

Japan post is starting to use electric bike, the "electric" noise they make is stronger than electric cars Oo. Did they add a strange loud sound for pedestrians?
Still better than gasoline engine noise anyway.

Bon bah le mieux c'est de ne pas revenir, comme ça pas besoin de passer par un formulaire papier. 🙃

The ramen shop near my old apartment in Meguro.

Emergency state? What emergency state?

I can control my TV, AC and light with a pre-installed device. I am sure it is not well secured... Gonna dig later.

Apparently my TV with a Android HDMI dongle has a reactor and it has stopped. 🙃

Wow they even made a guide with some English. This is rare. Now when they do that kind of guide, it's always 50% translated, why they don't translate everything? :thinking_hard: :oh_no:

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The guy from Tokyo Gas called, but I didn't really understood what he said.
So I just said, hmm, yes.
And then, he said, オケよろしくおねがいします。
And that's all. Hopefully it's just him confirming he can go to the apartment enable the gas.

(Despite having selecting on the website, no need for confirming call).

Today I got keys to my new apartment.
Assembling some furnitures...
I will move some part tomorrow and move-in gradually, I have two weeks for that.

五輪開催「自殺行為」と楽天社長 米テレビのインタビューで | 河北新報オンラインニュース

【地震情報 2021年5月14日】
#地震 #東京都 #神奈川県 #静岡県 #茨城県 #栃木県 #群馬県 #埼玉県 #千葉県 #山梨県

【地震情報 2021年5月14日】
#地震 #岩手県 #宮城県 #福島県 #青森県 #秋田県 #山形県 #茨城県 #栃木県 #千葉県 #北海道 #群馬県 #埼玉県 #東京都 #神奈川県 #新潟県 #山梨県 #静岡県 #長野県

While it's true that #Wayland support is hugely improved, I think there are still too many bugs and stability issues for everyday use.

But if you like contributing QA to opensource projects, please try it out and report any bugs you see!

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Did you get the covid-19?

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