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Benoît S. (“Benpro”)

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I just created @photos account to replace Instagram.
I will try to find a way of automatic importing my 244 photos…

Apple Plans serait meilleur que Google Maps sur le plan des données privées.
Je suis dubitatif.

"How to quit figure collecting when they pull off something like this..."

True. 😂

Il semblerait que Miku lâche un dab à tout ses concerts récents.
Je veux la voir dabber à Paris, le 1er décembre 😆 !

Ma mairie (village de ~700 habitants) utilise un mail du type


From: <>


Je mets à jour LineageOS sur ma tablette et tout les paramètres Android sont réinitialisés. (Thème, sonneries, …).

Pasting Private Key on a (private by chance) IRC channel. ✅ 🤦‍♂️


tmux: ^B altgr+]
weechat: [Paste 28 lines? [ctrl-Y] Yes [ctrl-N] No]
My brain : LOL YES ^Y
(The fact is I was thinking this was the right buffer with a 4 line paste so I said yes while not reading it was 28 lines...).

Buy the dip.
Except it is awlays "the dip" 😂

Plasma 5.13 has launched

Plasma is now faster and sleeker; gives you more control, letting you stop, start, rewind and silence video and audio playing in browsers from the desktop, open and close vaults from KDE Connect, and easily configure external monitors; and is more beautiful, incorporating fast blurs and transparencies into windows, and improving the icon integration.

Check out the announcement at

And more images at