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Benoît S. (“Benpro”)

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I just created @photos account to replace Instagram.
I will try to find a way of automatic importing my 244 photos…

KDE received $200,000 from the Pineapple Fund!

We will use it to make KDE applications and environments more usable, develop more ways of protecting users' privacy, and build a larger and even more inclusive community.

More information at

Ok flashed stock...

Cannot use Android Wear with microG :/

Maybe I will use a Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip with Gadgetbridge...

Hmm may be able to flash with ssh access.

Need to find boot/recovery and factory images...

Well OK… AsteroidOS is really Alpha… Crashing, BT issue, … OK bye.

Asteroid at its current phase is not meant as a daily OS as it has bugs and issues, one of them being that the bluetooth doesn't work (so you can't pair it with your phone)



Errr ça boot, mais c'est bien trop basique… Et y'a pas le mode « heure tout le temps affiche » 😞

But it means so many less features...


:ah: My LG Watch R (Android Wear) does not works on Lineage+microG…

Well, time to use AsteroidOS.

Ok, « pisser du code » et « ramer » je les ai eu… Les autres euh… J'ai du lire les commentaires 🤔

KDE (the developers of a popular Linux desktop "Plasma") gets $100 000 from Pineapple Fund!

It's worth looking through the list of instances this guy has donated to. Imagine the paradise we would live in if everyone with excessive wealth was this generous?

He writes: "because once you have enough money, money doesn't matter".

#donation #generosity #goodwill #Linux #KDE #PineappleFund #amnesty #charity #solidarity #zeitgeist

I've reduced the numbers of sidekiq and puma workers (single user instance), but still Mastodon is really heavy.

There is many memory optimization to do here... 👀 @Gargron

OsmAnd~ is basically unusable on a Moto G (Snapdragon 400 − Quad-core up to 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7), too much lags.

Alternative to OsmAnd~? but not opensource (but use OSM). same.

(With car navigation)

⋅ ⋅ ⋅

Selling figures is way more fun than selling random things on eBay.


Oh et microG + F-Droid et Yalp store en app système 😍