Today I feel so energized. I worked until 2:00am, got a ton of things done, but I'm not even feeling a bit tired as I walk home, enjoying the gentle breeze of June and listening to my favorite anime opening songs and...

Fuck! I haven't studied the damn Japanese grammer today! 😱


@codewiz BTW do you have some Japanese language school to recommend?

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@benoit In Tokyo I've been taking lessons with these guys: Nihongo Instructor Club (

They're nothing special, but the teachers come to my office for a small extra fee, and the teacher they sent me was pretty good at explaining stuff on the whiteboard.

@benoit But you probably want online lessons in France... Have you already tried Italki?

@codewiz I took some lessons in France, 1h every Monday for three scholar years but still haven't the N5 level.
I'm in Japan in September for 1 year with WHV. At first I'll be in Tokyo and I would like to enhance my Japanese before exploring the country by hitchhiking.

@benoit awesome! We should definitely meet!

If you want to have natural conversations in an informal setting, I'm happy to introduce you to my friends of the Hippo Club (but they will make you dance and sing children's songs, you've been warned!)

@benoit btw, @angristan plans to visit Japan sometime this summer, and @makuharigaijin lives nearby.

@codewiz @angristan I guess summer means July or August.
I'm only arriving September 10th ^^

@benoit Actually, @angristan said he was studying in Seoul "next semester". Does it start in September?


I went to a hippo club in Boston for some time, and picked up my first few phrases of Japanese thanks to it. Too bad there's no natural way to learn kanji and formal grammar :-(

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