I'm searching for a sharehouse in Tokyo. For 3 month in mid-septembrer.

I'm struggling in my research. I would like not to pay more than 60000¥/month. Looks like it is impossible except in a dormitory...
Also, contract fee are too expensive, 30000¥ to 50000¥!

Any recommendations? @codewiz maybe?

@benoit The room where I stayed last year was 128,800¥ all inclusive. Arguably expensive, but clean and very central.

The Tentment social apartment was my second favorite choice and was much cheaper:

@codewiz I can't afford that much.
I will live on economy only and some baitos if I found them...

Also these share-house are for long term and move-in costs kill the short-term.

@benoit Oakhouse has the widest range of prices and locations:

I visited a few of those, and they're usually cheap rooms with foreign students.

@benoit That's how they try to discourage people like you who want to stay medium-term, because... mendokusai!

@codewiz Yeah pain in the ass… My plan was to stay at some cities (Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka…) like one to 2 month each, but that will be complicated.

I'm gonna end my VWH trip bankrupted 😱

@benoit I just asked a friend who stayed in a super cheap room in the suburbs between Tokyo and Yokhohama. But his mattress was taking 2/3 of the total floor space, lol 🙂

@codewiz I saw some 5m²… In France the law say that the minimum living space is 9m².

@benoit If you pick a far away place to save on the rent, don't forget to include daily commuting costs in your budget.

@codewiz Yeah as commuting costs is expensive it may be a bad idea to live suburbs.
I already thought about that.

I may choose something near a language school.

@benoit Would be cheaper to just rent a room in some old lady's house... I could ask around for this if you're interested.

@codewiz For now I will explore sakura house, oak house and so on... Maybe I will finally found something.

I miss a good search engine for sharehouse :p


@benoit My landlord has a tech startup... He might be willing to offer you a cheaper room in exchange for free consulting. I think they use Google Cloud. Send me your resume if you're interested and I'll ask him.

That would be nice of him :o

I don't have any resume though. Except this thing made in 2011: 😂

I need to redo-it and make an "official" resume.

@benoit I'm sure he'd take a gitlab/github account showcasing a few cool projects.

@benoit looks nice, I think my friend would like the format... but I'll wait until after you've updated it with your current skills.

@codewiz updated! I'm really not motivated to do a traditional resume though. I should explore a LaTeX template...

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