Today I got three drive.

The first one was a young man 18yo, he just had his driver licence. He will work at Takahama nuclear plant, something about the nuclear waste? Didn't understood everything.

The second one was a mother with her mother and her two kids (twins!). That's kind of rare to get in a family car while hitchhiking! The mother was really kind! The twins girls were 2yo. They first was shy but then talked to me ^^.


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The third one was a young lady. She work in a used cars shop. She like western music. She would like to go to New Zealand.

I waited for like 10 minutes everytime. But I needed a fourth or fifth drive, I waited one hour and nobody stopped, so as I was tired and starting to get cold I took a train.


@benoit What a great experience. I don't know if I would be brave enough (or actually young enough) to do it. Enjoy!!

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