Today I decided to make a short distance (usually I'm advancing ~100km by day).

I waited 30m and a big monospace stopped. It was a couple in their 40s. The man told me I needed to put a mask, so I put one (I have some in my bags). Then his wife given me wipes to clean my hands. I think they are a little hypocondriac. πŸ™ƒ

The monospace was crazy comfy with two TVs... Diffusing Corona news. 😩

Anyway we talked a lot and they dropped me right in front of my hotel!

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@benoit They're not being overly cautious, disinfecting hands and covering the mouth and nose are the most basic forms of prevention.

Travelers who come into close contact with a large number of other people are the perfect vehicle for the contagion to spread quickly across cities.

@codewiz Yeah sure but the situation felt bizarre, it's hard to describe.

Anyway I'm glad they stopped and decided to take me. πŸ™‚

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