Today I waited 1h30. During waiting time I discussed with high school girls who were screeming きゃあ when I spoke French because they wanted to hear French lol.
And then, they of course took a selfie with me.

Then a man stopped. He is a marine engineer, he went to many countries (cargo boat) but didn't have many time to do sightseeing.
His passion are scuba diving and motorcycle.
He dropped me right at my guest house.


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Then I did some sightseeing, but nothing particular to see in this small town...
I went to take a nap at the guesthouse and then I met with the owner of the guesthouse and his friends.

As I didn't eat, they opened only for me the restaurant next door opens only during lunchtime!


Really nice and heat-warming stories. I always tell myself Β« no way it happens in France Β»

@Fabimaru I'm pretty sure it can happen everywhere in the world even in France. But I think if you're a foreigner you will have better encounters. Especially when you are showing signs of being interested about their culture and language!

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