There is a PS2 in my AirBNB and a bunch of games. Only one launch and then freeze. I'm guessing this PS2 is a little tired...

Maybe I will clean it. Then I would like to play with freemcboot. But I need a PS2 memory card and the USB card adapter...

Or to buy a preloaded memory card but where in Japan...

Ah found someone selling a freemcboot card on Yahoo auctions. Will buy tomorrow so I'll play/hack with this PS2.

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Finally bought only today with a PCMCIA Ethernet card for the PS2 so I could boot games via a SMBv1 share.

Interesting hack.

Back in time Sony proposed a kit to have a Linux 2.2.1 based on a custom CentOS. But only on some models, not the first one. The PS2 I have is a SCPH-18000 v0.

You need a SCPH-50000 v9 or more for this Linux setup.

Anyway, there are so many models (18), it's insane!

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