A Markdown Editor for the 21st century.

I tried also pretty cool but not opensource!

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It's a little bit complicated to properly manage IDs and internal link compared to Obsidian. But so far so good. I will stick with it. I will mostly use it at work to build personal knowledge.

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@benoit Does one really need that? markdown is so simple, one can imagine the result.
Also, I use markdown (or LaTeX) because I just care about the content. I want to say "this here is a section", and leave the details on how to illustrate sections to other tools.

@globalc After tried in place of vim, it felt way more comfortable to write MD on it and browse your md files easily, with automated backlinks, etc.

The goal of these editors is to have a pretty low learning curve and achieving great results easily.

@globalc I am prettu sure you can configure vim to automate more things but... That's the point. I am getting tired of tools like vim with a tons of configuration possible in the vimrc and also adding plugins.

Electron is not for me, but I think many MS Word users just need a Markdown editor like this.
@globalc @benoit

I use tables in dokuwiki markdown, could not imagine doing that with wysiwyg editors quicker.
^ head ^ head2 ^
| text | text2 |

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