When I click on "Sleep" and close the lid, the MacBook wake up and make some crazy noise fan. It won't sleep...

I swear we bitch on Linux all the time but MacOS also sucks a lot.

Also MacOS without Homebrew would be like a sort of Chromebook. Installing software is even dumber than on Windows if you don't use Apple Store.

Definitively any OS with packages is way better than anything.

@benoit you have a problem with the LID sensor on your motherboard.
I can repair it, i work in Lyon but i have friends that do the same job as me in Paris / Rennes / Fougères / Bastia

@wekeys it's from my company. Eventually I will just ask them to get me a new one, that's the procedure when anything is faulty. 😅

But anyway the issue seems software related. Because if I close the lid it sleep, then wake up.
And if I don't close the lid and click on sleep it's ok...

It seems they force the clamshell mode when an external monitor is plugged.

@benoit you are Doomed if you use something newer than Mojave and a Macbook Pro newer than 2016 or a MacBook Air newer than 2018.

I don't have this problem, but when I put my MacBook in my drawer on Friday evening (so I don't think about work during the week-end), sometimes on Monday I have almost no battery. Sometimes the Mac won't start because I will only do if it has a little bit of battery so I need to plug it and wait 5 minutes.

I kept enabled the feature that allow the auto wake up for doing background sync. A colleague used the parental filtering on his router to prevent downloads during off-work hours 😂

I forgot to say: it's a corporatified Mac. I fear the day Brew is banned on it.

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