I am seeking a new place to move in...
Do you have any tips to find an apartment in Tokyo/Kanagawa for long term?

Most of my colleagues recommended me using UR rental.
Urban Renaissance (UR都市機構).
It seems also recommend by lot of redditors.


UR is awesome.. but their places are always quickly gone. I did search via them initially, they are also friendly - just gave me the key to a flat and said "you can look at it on your own" - that's trust. But returning from that flat, it was already gone.
Eventually I just used a local 不動産屋 in the area I aimed at.
You could also so their work manually with the internet, but it's painful. Many places also do not rent to foreigners.
@codewiz @Corsaire

There are people who get into the internet search, then search half a year to find something.
The 不動産屋 effectively does that for you, but also costs extra money. Not only one time, but every 2 years again when the rent contract is renewed.
@codewiz @Corsaire

Ah right, and if you want "quick", then leopalace21 is an option. They also have rooms already with furniture, no problem with renting to foreigners, and speak English.
@codewiz @Corsaire

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