Seeing how I can arrange my maybe future apartment.

Appliances already furnished so I just need to buy a bed/desk/table/chairs.

And done, I signed the contract today.
And paid cleaning fee + one month guarantee (no refund) :/

Well at least it's better than most of places where you need to pay like 4 month of rent...

I registered for electricity, gas and water online, will it work without troubles...?

Now I need to buy some furniture.

@benoit Congrats, which area is it roughly?
Registering utilities was for me all 2 times I did it painless, but then getting automatic deduction of the fees every month was a bit of a challenge.

@globalc I followed your advice and went with Leopalace, everything went smooth but as the apartment is in Kanagawa-ken, Kawasaki-shi, I was dependent of the Yokohama office, bit far to fill paperwork but I guess less busy than Shinjuku so...

Apartment is at 10mim bus from Kajigaya which make commuting to work 30min by bus+foot or 30min by bicycle.

@benoit Cycling distance from office is cool!
I was at a nice onsen in that area, .
With leopalace, you probably also have water and internet included in rent, so just need to setup electricity and gas.


@globalc I have internet, let's see if good bandwidth...
Water is not included.

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