The guy from Tokyo Gas called, but I didn't really understood what he said.
So I just said, hmm, yes.
And then, he said, オケよろしくおねがいします。
And that's all. Hopefully it's just him confirming he can go to the apartment enable the gas.

(Despite having selecting on the website, no need for confirming call).

Ah yes it was that. He's now here enabling the gas \o/

Wow they even made a guide with some English. This is rare. Now when they do that kind of guide, it's always 50% translated, why they don't translate everything? :thinking_hard: :oh_no:

@benoit I think they want to really enter the flat, ensure no air is in the pipe and confirm the gas can be used.

@globalc it was just to confirm appointment. But on the website I checked: No need to call me to confirm appointment.

@benoit He also might have wanted to confirm the phone number from registration.

@benoit Because he would then need to keep 2 stacks of sheets around, and decide which one to give you. I think in some places just the most important stuff is also translated, the not so important stuff Japanese only.

@benoit je suis en congé paternité chez ma belle famille, tokyogas m’a appelé pour savoir si tout allait bien car ma Condo est tombée à zéro

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