Tomorrow and Friday are national holidays in Japan. 馃帀
I will go on a solo road trip with a Leaf, following the south coast.

There was so many traffic jams ><. It's getting better now.

You know you're in Japan when the car charger is Evangelion themed.

A Porsche Taycan is using the car charger. Probably for a long time... Gonna charge elsewhere.

Oh is done. But now, another Leaf... We really need super chargers everywhere like Tesla but for every EVs.

First charger, missed, decided to go to another. Second charger occupied, decided to go to another.
Third charger missed, went lost on the service area direction, went back, occupied... Now waiting because I will keep a 100km reserve just in case...
I hate to say it but we need Tesla superchargers infrastructure for every EVs (it may come).
Japan is basically the same as Europe, it sucks.

@benoit Car chargers are not that popular in my country yet.

@benoit Always love the sights of Japanese crops in plains :blobaww:

@benoit Still a tiny fraction of the vehicle fleet here. Maybe the recent European decarbonizing plans will accelerate this...

@benoit How is that power charged, is it included in your plan, or do you pay it?
Do they state if the power is green? TEPCO has now a 100%-water-power plan, so as a company doing something like "our power is 100% green" is possible.

@globalc some may be 100% green but rare. A card is in the car for free charges. But driving cost you 16楼/km so... I do it only to enjoy driving electric but national holidays sucks.

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