Today I only waited 10m. A man in his 40s stopped, he was returning from his morning job. He is working in a Ryokan (traditional japanese inn).
He made a detour of 30km... And offered me lunch! I'm very thankful of all those kind people I met.

As I arrived before my check-in time at my hotel I went to the south of Kanazawa to do some sightseeing.

Today I got three drive.

The first one was a young man 18yo, he just had his driver licence. He will work at Takahama nuclear plant, something about the nuclear waste? Didn't understood everything.

The second one was a mother with her mother and her two kids (twins!). That's kind of rare to get in a family car while hitchhiking! The mother was really kind! The twins girls were 2yo. They first was shy but then talked to me ^^.


Construction d'une ligne Shinkansen Γ  Tsuruga, prolongement de la ligne Kanazawa.

Today I get two drive.

Waited 20min for the first one. A young man stopped, 25yo with a tuned Honda Civic ^^.
He his a mechanic. His passion is biking and cars.

Waited 10min for the second one. It was a couple with a family car. They were doing some shopping. They like to hike in mountains.

I then get to my hotel, discovering that there is an onsen facility, so I went in!

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