Me watching White Bear (Black Mirror): What the fucking fuck?

Linux on Dex. (Basically LXD tuned by Samsung). Hack potential if I have time.

4 semaines où j'ai rien glandé en Japonais. (Road trip + Marseille + DebConf = Méga flemme de réviser quoi que ce soit).

Et j'ai un examen de JP ce soir…

Et puis bon envoyer les révisions le vendredi pour lundi… 😩

Pronostique : 5/20 ?


Well... End of the road trip!
5645km with a Nissan Leaf in 17 days.
About 332km by day.

- Total cost: 131.11€
- Total cost estimation for a petrol car with 6.5l/100km: 568.73€
- Approximate kWh used: 849kWh
- Average energy used: 0.14kWh/km
- Approximate CO2 economy: 1017kg

Oof. Just in time due to a broken charging station... Hopefully I was able to reach another.

On arrête pas le progrès, le lavomatique qui te préviens par SMS :p.

Ah mais regardez moi ces deux tocards. Obliger de demander a l'accueil de faire une annonce pour qu'ils viennent retirer leurs fumantes...

I'm sleeping again homestays. No just kidding I'm staying at a friend house in Belgium.

I've been arrested by the zoll (German customs). They searched cigarettes/alcohols/drugs in my baggages and car. Well they do their job but that's a pain in the ass.


BTW mission successful. I got my Umweltplakette.
I get it for free. (It should be ~15€ :o).

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