And even with a new setting, it doesn't respect the "awlays open in that container".



Finished watching :

− Hyakko 😃
− Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory 😃

(Hyakko video excerpt attached)

Dropped 😞:
− Revolutionary Girl Utena
− Log Horizon
− Overlord

(Score can be 😃 , 😐 or 😞)

Courtesy of my brother (bus driver on TLS airport).

ANA "FLYING HONU" design for
special edition A380 on Tokyo-Honolulu route shot at Toulouse Airbus Factory.

Laptop's keyboard changed. Next step is to add 8G of RAM.
Let's extend the life of this 4y laptop.

Needle on my desk... I am a junkie?
The junkie is my brother's printer.
Print head clogged.

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