RHEL 5 with 2.16.18 kernel. 😱

(Transforming an old physical machine to a virtual machine for a customer).

Going back to Toulouse after two weeks in Marseille for work.
GMaps has the train path now :o.

MacDonald's self order kiosk run on Windows 7 embedded (with a warning saying do not use in production, but I didn't took a picture of this message).

I did a 6km hiking under hot weather (35°C), would not do it again...

Still archiving/scanning my dad's photos (plastic Kodachrome slide from 1960-1990).

Wikipedia says that a 35mm Kodachrome transparency contains an equivalent of approximately 140 megapixels of data in the 24 mm x 36 mm image 😱

But I scan these with a poor film scanner at 8 megapixels… 😞

Exploring hyperlapse mode of Insta360 One X. (Yeah I finally bought it.)

Toujours en galère pour fermer le compte BNP de ma mère. Je dois à tout prix y arriver avant mon départ au Japon pour être tranquille.

Surtout que ces gros bâtard prélève 2.50€/mois pour un compte fantôme (il n'y a plus rien dessus, excepté moi qui mets 2.50€ tout les mois…).

Trying to install Plume.
Already blocked at on of the first steps...

Quand-est qu'on interdit par la loi ce genre de technique ? Augmenter le prix pour ensuite faire une fausse promotion…

"Hemos aceptado tu solicitud de devolución. Una vez recibamos el artículo, efectuaremos el reembolso."

Yeah. But I don't know how to ship it. I have a strange paper...
Will see at French post... When opened because where I live every post office are closed on week-end...

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