I had quite travelled in Japan! Without coronavirus the map would be fully covered. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
But I am satisfied. What a year. You can see my hitchiking path from south to north. It was in March 11 to April 11. Then emergency state was declared.

Back to now... Emergency state declared again.

(Yeah shouldn't use Google Timeline Tracking but... How would you generate that kind of report without?)

She finally put it back. Oopsie. In the meantime she has touched her face a lot...

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Emergency state to be declared this night in Tokyo and close prefectures like Chiba and Saitama for 1 month.
About time!
Now, all restrictions are not really restrictions but only requests. Should work a little because most japanese will restrict themselves.

Hmm. Looks like Japan government managing coronavirus. Guess they will wake up after new year.
Sauce: reddit.com/r/TIHI/comments/kmi but probably stolen elsewhere.

Overweight or obese population.

So many good stats. Cool website.

Yeah... I like stats.

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