Today, two rides.

Waited 30 seconds for the first one!!
Two young ladies going to shopping. They work at the front staff of a bank.

Second ride, waited 20min. A young couple going back to their home in Sapporo. The lady works in a gas company.

Now I'm Sapporo, which means... My Hitchhike trip is DONE!
What an adventure! Started March 11, finished April 11.

I will try to redact a blog post resuming my trip.

Two rides today.

Waited 20min then a man in his 60s stopped. He is a plumber (and others things) and were going to a work site. His passion are camping and fishing.

Then waited 1h, due to rain I sheltered in a Lawson and the owner discussed with me, he called some friends to arrange me a ride but they were busy. He offered me snacks!


Back to good luck! Three rides today.

First car was a man in his 40s, he his a Jeovah witness and his passion is reading (Bible related I guess...).

Second car was two main in their 30s completely crazy, always telling jokes which is very rare in Japan.

Third car was a man in his 40s, going to a drive school to get a truck license... But he is doing only for fun?! He does not want to become a truck driver... Bizarre!

Thanks to these amazing people.

Today I waited 1h30. During waiting time I discussed with high school girls who were screeming ใใ‚ƒใ‚ when I spoke French because they wanted to hear French lol.
And then, they of course took a selfie with me.

Then a man stopped. He is a marine engineer, he went to many countries (cargo boat) but didn't have many time to do sightseeing.
His passion are scuba diving and motorcycle.
He dropped me right at my guest house.


Today I decided to make a short distance (usually I'm advancing ~100km by day).

I waited 30m and a big monospace stopped. It was a couple in their 40s. The man told me I needed to put a mask, so I put one (I have some in my bags). Then his wife given me wipes to clean my hands. I think they are a little hypocondriac. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

The monospace was crazy comfy with two TVs... Diffusing Corona news. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Anyway we talked a lot and they dropped me right in front of my hotel!

Today, as usual after taking a train, I waited only 15m and got a ride. It was a mother with his kid (first year university student). She's also working at that university, in the office.

She advanced me of 30km, then I waited 1h30... And nobody stopped while the traffic was really heavy... I decided to finish by train due to heavy cold wind.


Took a train to get out of the city as usual.
Then waited 2h30! Luckily very good weather, not too cold, not too hot, just perfect.

I decided to abandon and go back to the train station to take a train and at this time a car stopped.

It was a couple of retired. Their Japanese was special... It is true that old people speak a bizarre Japanese. Anyway they advanced me of 45km, and I finished by train yet again... Let see if I had more luck tomorrow.

Today was complicated...

Took a train to go out of Niigata, waited 1h, a woman in his 40s stopped, she was in lunch break and going back to office. She advanced me of 7km.

Then waited again 1h and a man with two yougmens (17yo) stopped. They were from a soccer team. Fun fact, they were in France last month with the PSG! One of them knowed some French.
They dropped me further north 30km but on the coast. Very low traffic. Waited 1h and finally took a train.

Today I only waited 5min and two woman in their forties drove me right near my destination.
They are in business sales and were going to see customers in Niigata.

As I arrived early at my hotel, I given my baggages and went to exploring Niigata, but I didn't enjoy that much under the rain... Didn't took many photos.

Yesterday I waited only 10m and a truck stopped. The truck driver is in his 40s, his passion is motorcycle, he has a Kawasaki 900cc.

He invited me to lunch but the truck restaurant place was closed! (Maybe due to coronavirus, no indication on why it was closed).

He dropped me at a train station near my final destination so I took a train to finish.

Today I waited 1h30 (very low traffic) in the cold but fortunately, no wind. I can't bear cold wind!

A 20yo man stopped and accepted to make a 30km detour!
He is a fan of Love Live, he like animes and games. He is working in a rice field.
As I arrived early at my guesthouse, I give them my baggages before check-in and went to do some sightseeing in Iiyama.

Two fail days.

Yesterday heavy rain, so decided to took an expressway bus, cheap 900ยฅ.

Today, waited 1h in the cold, nobody stopped.
Took a train to advance further.
Waited 30min and abandoned due to heavy cold wind... Finished by train. About 2500ยฅ...

Today I only waited 10m. A man in his 40s stopped, he was returning from his morning job. He is working in a Ryokan (traditional japanese inn).
He made a detour of 30km... And offered me lunch! I'm very thankful of all those kind people I met.

As I arrived before my check-in time at my hotel I went to the south of Kanazawa to do some sightseeing.

Today I got three drive.

The first one was a young man 18yo, he just had his driver licence. He will work at Takahama nuclear plant, something about the nuclear waste? Didn't understood everything.

The second one was a mother with her mother and her two kids (twins!). That's kind of rare to get in a family car while hitchhiking! The mother was really kind! The twins girls were 2yo. They first was shy but then talked to me ^^.


Today I get two drive.

Waited 20min for the first one. A young man stopped, 25yo with a tuned Honda Civic ^^.
He his a mechanic. His passion is biking and cars.

Waited 10min for the second one. It was a couple with a family car. They were doing some shopping. They like to hike in mountains.

I then get to my hotel, discovering that there is an onsen facility, so I went in!

Today I waited 20min when a pedestrian talked to me, he was parked a few meters away. He proposed to took me to Tottori.
It was a Nissan Leaf! (40kWh model).
The driver is 41yo, he is a system engineer at Hitachi Power Plant. I didn't understood everything, I think he manage the backup systems of electrical things...
He then offered me a lunch in a Tonkatsu restaurant.

@Kcchouette stopped at Detective Conan museum but didn't go inside.

Today I waited 1h for the first car. The driver was an elementary school teacher. His passion is kayaking.

I waited 45m for my second drive. Again... A teacher! But from high school, he was with his son. His passion is Rugby, he is the manager of the Rugby school club.

Then I finished by train because I was tired, slept on the train but not missed my stop this time.

Tomorrow I go to Tottori (not Tottoro ;)).

Luck is back!
Today I waited only 30s!!

A truck stopped, it was a gasoline truck going to fill a station precisely where I was going!

The driver was in his 40s, his passion is golf. He offered me a coffee.
As I get in town early for hotel check-in I did some sightseeing in Masuda.

Again like yesterday... Waited 1h30 on a heavy traffic road, nobody stopped, but 70% of traffic are trucks.
Decided to take a bus and a train to go to a small town.
Felt asleep on the train... Missed the station I wanted to go. Decided to stay until my destination.

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