@codewiz what kind of precautions? I'm always not too far away from a train line, that's my backup.

@codewiz ah I don't forgot ใพใŸใ€but I always forgot the radical "stool"...

Two fail days.

Yesterday heavy rain, so decided to took an expressway bus, cheap 900ยฅ.

Today, waited 1h in the cold, nobody stopped.
Took a train to advance further.
Waited 30min and abandoned due to heavy cold wind... Finished by train. About 2500ยฅ...

Current hotel connection is unusable, let's use my precious 4G data. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Place for ritual cleansing of hands and mouth with water when visiting shrines.

@codewiz [...] some worry that Japan is under a false sense of security, and its merely a ticking time bomb.

Wait and see?

But why the "bomb" would explose after Europe and USA... It should has happened before or at the same time...

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