@benoit I read an explanation about this: long ago, η™½ was used just for the colour white. For objects or scenes that also have a glitter, sparkle or reflection, ιŠ€ was used because it is both white and sparkling (as opposed to 金 which was yellow and sparkling).
And therefore it is also ιŠ€η›€ (γŽγ‚“γ°γ‚“, ice rink) and ιŠ€εΉ• (γŽγ‚“γΎγ, film screen, "silver screen")

忘年会 [ぼうねんかい]
(n) year-end party

Literally: Party to forget the year. ><

Kids, ice cream truck is here!
Nah, just kidding it's the gasoil truck.
Yeah in Japan you have talking trucks with songs selling things... Here gasoil/fuel for house heater.

ιŠ€δΈ–η•Œ [γŽγ‚“γ›γ‹γ„]
(n) snowscape

Hey, why silver? White would be better... η™½δΈ–η•Œ

@xerz lolno, if your SSH port is public it's normal. There are a shit tons of bots bruteforcing SSH these days. Use a firewall!

@xerz it's a VM? You can saw steal with iostat or htop (need configuration with F2 menu).

@xerz looks like I/O related. Enable I/O coulor on htop (disabled by default).
Check iotop.
Check out also steal if it's a VM.

Worst UX ever on a credit card form.
When you use your mouse wheel on the card number input, it increase or decrease the numbers...

Website: Wrong credit card number.
Me: πŸ€” Oh yeah the last number is wrong, did I mistype? I use the wheel to move the page but it changes the numbers....

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