Licence OEM sur amazon Γ  ~10€... Fonctionne niquel. Je ne sais pas comment le vendeur pratique ces prix mais bon...

And now my notifications bar is broken... Many apps don't display notifications anymore even some system app like Play Store.

Still have notifications, I'm guessing this is a bug... Anyway the battery is not drained so I'll just mask this notification...

Are you talking about that?
I have restricted background usage as I don't care for Firefox Focus... Will see if these annoying notifications disappear...

Since last OnePlus6 update I always have this warning... Which is a false alert. :(

No. But I have a Saboten near my home, and I often buy Tonkatsu Bento.

Two different app, I use Kanji Study to put discovered kanjis on Miku dialogue.

Ema (硡馬, lit. "picture-horse") are small wooden plaques... -> Wikipedia

Ah on the website? They said I need to send back the form by (post) mail...

Homemade Curry. Aka microwaved rice and Curry sauce in bain marie. πŸ˜…

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