Same issue with a new profile. :mindblown:
It seems related to my Wireguard VPN (Mullvad). If I stop it it works...
But Chromium works fine with the VPN enabled, and firefox worked fine before...

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Welp no disabled and still the same. Guess I will reset the profile... Pfff.

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If you don't use Firefox or Chromium derivatives, what do you use?

Well I can't even go with Chromium because DoH is not enabled...

Examining btrfs, Linux’s perpetually half-finished filesystem
This btrfs filesystem overview highlights some longstanding shortcomings.

Via @vigdis

My Firefox is quite weird. Some websites (including mine), just stop working, this load forever then silently stop. I need to restart it to fix it.


@framasky @octopoulpe Te reste a dΓ©clarer ton compte de trading donc, obligatoire mΓͺme si on ne trade pas...

@framasky @octopoulpe en dessous de 600€ pas besoin de dΓ©clarer de toute maniΓ¨re si je me rappelle bien.

Et sinon oui c'est super galère à calculer ton profit. Voir c'est pas non plus super trivial...

@octopoulpe @framasky oubliez pas de déclarer vos crypto-gains les enfants. Et c'est super galère.

Do you store your credit card number on Vaultwarden or somewhere else?

Disclosure of three 0-day iOS vulnerabilities and critique of Apple Security Bounty program

A little update on this #Mastodon #map project. So many people have reached out to let me know of their server, and I've met so many people the response has been fantastic, and scratched a little 1990s bulletin board itch, meeting people from all over the world, thank you to everyone who has contributed links and feedback!

Over 80 servers mapped, still searching for something on the African continent! Madagascar is leading the way for now but I'm sure there are African servers somewhere...

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Closing parking near hiking trails for coronavirus reason. Meh. Not sure people catch covid in the nature you know.

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