At the city office the lady spoken an awesome English. This is rare. Then she saw that I'm French and started speaking French. Super rare!

@globalc converting. It depends of your country. No need to take a driving test for France driver's license.

I'm at Koto Driver's License Center to get a japanese driver's license. So far it seems more smooth than @codewiz renewal. I don't need to attend a session for road safety.
Went at 11h, all papers and eye vision check + picture taking done at 12h. Now waiting for the driver's license issuing. Maybe one more hour.

I'm born in Japanese era, Heisei 1.
Went to Japan in Japanese era, Reiwa 1.
Is that a sign? 🧐

It is midnight, I printed ID pictures (with at a combini.

@codewiz apparently it's from a tv show not a true commercial. πŸ˜†

Check out "γƒ—γƒ­γ‚Έγ‚§γ‚―γƒˆγ‚»γ‚«γ‚€ カラフルステージ! feat.εˆιŸ³γƒŸγ‚―"
Project Sekai Colorful Stage feat Hatsune Miku.

Trying the new mobile game with Hatsune Miku and other Vocaloid!

Oops, every time I'm with my girlfriend the sleep deficit is going crazy πŸ˜†

In Japan, for domestic flights you can actually pass security gate with liquid, no restriction, finally no need to waste your water bottle...

Google maps has a new feature to calibrate compass. Calibrate with Live view, it's fracking crazy awesome.

My girlfriend found an amazing French bakery in Sapporo. Of course it's still expensive but everything taste so good. Maybe better than common bakeries in France.

It's really been a while eating such good pastries.

(300Β₯ for a small baguette, 200Β₯ for a chocolatine, ...).

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