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I've been arrested by the zoll (German customs). They searched cigarettes/alcohols/drugs in my baggages and car. Well they do their job but that's a pain in the ass.


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I have done 2600km in 7d so about 370km by day. (My leaf has only 170-200km of autonomy, challenging road trip :)).

I still do not know about the highway... I guess it is still free.

BTW mission successful. I got my Umweltplakette.
I get it for free. (It should be ~15€ :o).

I think I will only go to Denmark then going back by Netherlands, Belgium and west France.

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What really doesn't make sense about the #Firefox expired cert is that it disables extensions that were already installed and in use.

Imagine if an apt signing key expired, and so it deleted every package on your system and killed all the processes.

Why would they design it to fail this way?

Oh Google Maps reports the charge point status. As I use the CHAdeMO port, it is marked busy. Good interconnected systems.

Whaaaat?!! It costs 35€ to take the Storebæltsbro bridge.
And 53€ for the Øresundsbro bridge.

THE FUCK! That would cost me 176€ round-trip...

Maybe I will abandon my trip and gonna go to the west side of France...

I will try to get an emission sticker tomorrow... Hope they speak English because I can't understand a word of German except hallo and danke. :oh_no:

I don't understand autobahn. Is it free or no?
They said only truck but other websites say that you need to buy a vignette... I'm lost.

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