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Hey Mastos, any TV/Movies/Animes recommended?
I will have ~16h of flight...

Preparing my backpacks (one 5.11 tactical 72 and one 5.11 tactical 24 attached together with 5.11 rush tier). I bet I will be again stopped by Japan customs because of army style.

So... It seems that I'm going away with only 70€. Phew.

By not doing all kilometers indicated in the contract, I got reimbursed 110€, and other reimbursements because returning the car 1 month before.

But I have no details... So I will wait for the last automatic payment. I really hope it's only 70€. 🤔

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- IHM : fichier capté à 19h
- Nom de fichier : fichier capté à 20h
- Système : fichier créé à 21h

😥 #UTCenProdBordaylDeCulDeCanard

Cleaned like new! 2 days from 09am to 08pm to clean every corner of the car...
Tomorrow I return the car to the dealer.

Hope I will not have too much to pay (little scratchs and so on...).

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History time! Check out the green part of this timeline – LibreOffice is a successor to OpenOffice(.org) (and before that, StarOffice). Our community and certified developers keep pumping out a new major release of LibreOffice every six months – a big thanks to them!

Sapporo is building a huge underground parking for 1500 bicycles above a subway station downtown.

Depuis quelques semaines, un service à la #Invidious existe pour #Twitter. Il s'appelle #Nitter ! Il sert d'interface alternative à Twitter et de proxy intermédiaire !

Le projet est très récent et en développement mais vous pouvez déjà l'utiliser et porter vos contributions sur #Github :

Can we collectively agree to stop putting the MOOV atom at the end of files

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