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After 5 months of work, #Funkwhale 0.20 is now available! ๐ŸŽ‰

Release announcement (with highligths):
Full changelog and upgrade instructions:

We'll also publish some release highlights here later, but everything you need to know is available in those two links!

Thank you so much to all our amazing contributors, testers, reviewers, translators, devs, designers, writersโ€ฆ We did a great job together!

Oh wow amazing what you can found in a Daiso. Basically everything. You can furnish all your home with it.
And each article is 100ยฅ (more or less, depends).

Windows 10 is DRM digital RENTAL media. You will NEVER own your PC again.

There are no tasks not to be accomplished with Linux of modern that one did via Microsoft Windows.

Windows 10 setup now prevents local account creation; in practice it forces the user to sign in with a Microsoft account.

Read all about this ==>
#deleteMicrosoft #deleteWindows #Linux #Ubuntu #computing #PC #computers #freedom #computerfreedom

And I registered to the wrong area/wards because of messy UI. Sigh.

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I guess I will lost 2000ยฅ because I can't travel from Kotล to Chiyoda.

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Docomo cycle is a overcomplicated fucking mess. I just want to bike, but I need a membership for every wards I want to travel? What the hell?!!

That would cost to much. has finally been [properly] replaced with

It's a site, based on Laravel, providing CC0 and public domain SVG files, including the 55,000+ we scraped from

#openclipart #svg #inkscape

Peertube 1.4 just came out! Hereโ€™s a quick overview of whatโ€™s newโ€ฆ

4h of Japanese by days is very intensive, this first day was exhausting. ๐Ÿคฏ

At least I hope I'll progress rapidly. Also we got homework. ๐Ÿ˜ต


I have a RPi that crash every month or so... Didn't yet have time to debug the issue. I wonder what that can be. Probably related to USB disks, as those are unreliable and Linux kernel cannot handle well USB misbehaving.

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