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But I'm doing stateless migration, criu is not available on Ubuntu Focal...

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Migrating my LXC containers from my big Online server to a "small" cluster of 3 LXD hypervisor at Hetzner.

Example to migrate my blog:

# lxc copy saber:blog-writefreely blog --target lxd00

Easy! LXD FTW!

What do you use for your monitoring?
Except: netdata, munin, nagios-based (zabbix, icinga...), cacti.

I'm seeking for a very lightweight monitoring tool. Ideally something like netdata but more lighter!

Upgraded my Lychee gallery to v4, which now support sub-albums, finally!!

So I re-organized everything:

2019年夏モデル LAVIE Pro Mobile 13.3型ワイド PM750・550/NAシリーズ(モバイルパソコン)|NEC LAVIE公式サイト

This NEC laptop looks good, but no Ryzen model...

Apparently there is a Nescafé machine nearby. Didn't know Nescafe proposed Bluetooth.

Would be fun to hack and making coffee randomly to annoy the owner. 😆

My microwave is doing music and my gas water heater is talking.

Today I'm visiting Takaragawa Onsen (宝川温泉)... Here the sakura trees are still blossoming 😍


@MarcFramboisier There, Yubatake by night!

Thank you for the tip! It's too bad I cannot stay at one of the onsen hotels due to コロナウイルス :-(

Ah found someone selling a freemcboot card on Yahoo auctions. Will buy tomorrow so I'll play/hack with this PS2.

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