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πŸŽ‰ duf v0.4.0 is out, a user-friendly alternative to 'df'!

What's new?

- Hide filesystems with --hide-fs
- Theme & styling options
- Auto-detects terminal theme
- Support for OpenBSD
- Support for Windows

Get this yummy tool here: πŸ˜‹

My girlfriend is often writing おk and γ‚ͺγ‚± but not OK. 笑。

Ma gaziniΓ¨re a une sonde de tempΓ©rature qui passe automatiquement en feu doux quand la poΓͺle est bien chaude :o.

Sumida ward city office is near this poop building, err, I mean the Asahi building, designed by Philipe Starck.

As temperature get lower we're now entering heavy fog on your glasses period. (Because of mask).

I wonder why people are interested that much in US pol while they're not US citizen.
(Coucou @vigdis 😬).

~40y old man in the subway playing Pokemon go on two phones.
Pokemon go still popular here, also it seems that many people have two smartphones (personal and work I guess).

Japan is still selling phones with operators exclusivity and sim locked.
FFS it's 2020 all phones MUST be sell sim free!
I cannot buy a Xperia 5 II for that reason...

Rappel : un paquet de sites posent un service worker qui tourne en arriΓ¨re plan si vous faites pas gaffe, et ce mΓͺme si la page est fermΓ©e.

Un tour sur about:serviceworkers permet de faire le mΓ©nage.

A true real ip address (Amazon) and there is a http service! Kinda rare. Now I wonder when they will stop the server... !

Ohyama Afuri Temple in Kanagawa mountain. (2019).
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