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In the meantime it displays emojis, my Konsole do not displays emojis :<

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When I click on "Sleep" and close the lid, the MacBook wake up and make some crazy noise fan. It won't sleep...

I swear we bitch on Linux all the time but MacOS also sucks a lot.

Also MacOS without Homebrew would be like a sort of Chromebook. Installing software is even dumber than on Windows if you don't use Apple Store.

Definitively any OS with packages is way better than anything.

Japan launches COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

About time.

Next trainings:

These internal trainings are pretty cool.

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Japan Post Bank use S/MIME, this is the first time I see a signed mail with it.

I wish Android has a way of translating app like Chrome is doing.

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I successfully connected. Now there a ton of settings in the app and everything is in Japanese...

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Received my Rakuten Debit Card. Now I need to understand how to enable it...

I am trying to use Jellyfin, but there are bugs and glitches which make the thing uncomfortable.

Guess I will be back to Plex.

Had a training for Prometheus. Now I understand the hype around it. PromQL is simple but really powerful, you can make alerts and graphs really easily.

So many toots from @earthquake , seismic activity is crazy since Saturday "big" one...

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